Jute of Caravaca 2020

YOUTE FESTIVAL, an initiative launched by Calzia that was born 4 years ago with the aim of revaluing and energizing the Jute shoe companies in the Murcia region.

This 2020 takes a step forward and provides solutions to the current crisis created by Covid-19, launching the 1st virtual fair in Spain with the support of the "Instituto de Fomento de la Región de Murcia" (INFO).

A new version of the already traditional annual festival held in Caravaca de la Cruz where buyers are called and the international press to show them the value and quality of the footwear and fashion accessories firms in the Murcia region

In this edition, due to sanitary conditions and restrictions, the Festival will be presented in a VIRTUAL way, thus aligning the signatures Murcia footwear and accessories with the most avant-garde international fairs such as Shanghai, which was the first event to choose this digital solution and try to give out to fashion and footwear creations and brands.


The firms participating in the event are the brands that make up the Calzia association. Brands related to jute products, but also other categories such as hats, bags, comfort shoes, ballerinas, ...

All footwear firms will open their collections to international and national buyers, since 90% of Caravacas production is exported around the world.



If you want to be part of this project and enjoy the status of preferred partner, apply to join the Association as a sponsoring partner with a minimum annual contribution

Intro Virtual Fair 2020

Jute Arts Festival

What was the old juste collection like?

Jute Arts Festival